Rest Home for Pets
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Health-Care by qualified professionals
Our guests have the benefit of health control by an authorised vet, thus assuring the pets’ good health and also providing follow-up in the form of a data file on each pet.

Individual rooms measuring 8 m2
Each pet is accommodated in a room measuring 8 m2, giving enough room to allow for full freedom of movement.

Menus rationalised for each set of needs
Feeding is planned individually for each pet, in accordance with the pet’s habits, and offering variety: animal feeds, rice with meat, chicken, vegetables etc.

Daily and on-going cleaning
Cleanliness is an important factor in looking after pets, which is why cleaning is a continuous process at our residence, attending to the hygiene both of the pet and of its living quarters, including automatic parasite control covering every area of the surroundings.

The services of vets
When required, we make sure that the pet is taken to and examined by its usual vet.

Medication and treatment
If the pet needs medicines during its stay at our residence, or if treatment of some kind is needed, we can also offer this service through an authorised vet.

The pets can be taken to enjoy walks, enabling them to get some exercise, which is important for their health.

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Tel. 938 464 292
Mb. 607 290 499


Un servei complet perquè els seus "amics" se sentim com a casa!!


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