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Can Canet-SEIACO, S.A. has a deceased-pet incineration service that complies with current regulations and is approved by the regional government’s Environment Department and Waste Board (Junta de Residus de la Generalitat de Catalunya.), our centre holding Waste Management Code E-564.98 and Transportation Code T-1302.

There are two different modes in this service: individual incineration and communal incineration. Incineration is arranged in a purpose-built incineration chamber, and the pet’s ashes can be recovered if the client so wishes.

This service covers the provinces of Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona

SEIACO-Can Canet has an ISO 14001:1996 certificate by LGI of environmental management system in the development of the incineration of dead animals activity.

· Individual Incineration:
With individual incineration, the client can come to attend, and then recover the ashes in urns that are suitable for the purpose.

· Communal Incineration:
In this case, incineration is arranged periodically for all the pets collected over the period concerned.

There is also a service covering collection from your home. All that is required is contacting us.

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